EA Shuts Down its 7 Classic Multiplayer Games, What is the Reason behind it?


In a sudden and unexpected move, Electronic Arts (EA) has shut down the online services for seven of its games, effectively ending their online multiplayer experiences.

This decision, which came into effect on December 8, 2023, has left a significant impact on the gaming community, particularly fans of popular titles like Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Dead Space 2.

What is the Reason behind it?

In the dynamic world of high-paced FPS games, some classics are slowly fading away, leaving only memories behind.

Several developers, including Electronic Arts (EA), have chosen to shut down servers for older games due to low player activity and cost-cutting measures.

Earlier this year EA declared an ‘Online Services Shutdown’ operation and decided to shut down its classic inactive multiplayer games from the server.

This means that while you may still own a copy of these games, online multiplayer will no longer be available.

However, you can still enjoy the single-player campaign or relive shared memories with friends through offline play.

What does this mean for players?

The closure of online services signifies the end of an era for these games. Not only are the online multiplayer modes rendered unplayable, but the games themselves have been removed from digital storefronts, making them unavailable for purchase.

This effectively wipes away all traces of these games from the digital landscape, leaving only memories and the occasional physical copy for players to hold onto.

The Games We Lost

Dead Space 2 (PC):

A chilling sci-fi horror survival game, released in 2011, Dead Space 2’s online multiplayer pit humans against the gruesome Necromorphs in intense cooperative battles.


Crysis 3 (PC)

Pushing the boundaries of graphical fidelity and gameplay innovation, Crysis 3 released in 2013, offered a dynamic and visually stunning sandbox for players to explore and conquer.

c3 heroCrysis 3 (PC)

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (PC)

This stylish first-person action game released in 2016 focused on parkour and free-running, offering a unique and exhilarating experience for players seeking a different kind of action.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Battlefield Bad Company 2 (PC):

A beloved entry in the Battlefield franchise, Bad Company 2 delivered intense and memorable multiplayer battles in 2010s.

From the iconic Vietnam expansion to the chaotic destruction of Rush mode, the game fostered a dedicated community that will undoubtedly feel the sting of its online closure.


Battlefield Bad Company (PC):

The predecessor to Bad Company 2, released two years before in 2008, offered a similar brand of action-packed multiplayer mayhem.


Battlefield 1943 (PC):

Released in 2009, a smaller-scale but no less engaging, Battlefield 1943 focused on the iconic World War II setting.


Dante’s Inferno (PC):

This hack-and-slash action game brought the epic poem Dante’s Inferno to life with visceral combat and stunning visuals.



The closure of these online services may mark the end of an era, but the memories and friendships forged within these digital worlds will continue to live on.

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