Can the PS5 Pro Deliver a Smooth 60fps Experience for GTA 6?


The highly anticipated release of GTA 6 is undoubtedly one of the most talked-about events in the gaming world.

As details about the PlayStation 5 Pro’s leaked specifications continue to surface, gamers are left wondering if the upcoming console will have what it takes to run Rockstar’s next at a buttery smooth 60 frames per second (fps).

In a recent DF Direct podcast, industry experts Alex, Rich, and Oliver analyze the technical aspects of the PS5 Pro and its potential to deliver a truly immersive and fluid gaming experience for GTA 6.

The PS5 Pro’s CPU: Can It Handle the Demand?

According to the leaked specifications, the PS5 Pro’s CPU will be identical to the standard PS5 (8 Core AMD Zen 2 up to 3.5GHz), but with an ‘Enhanced Mode’ that boosts its clock speed by 10%, reaching 3.85GHz.

While this increase in processing power is certainly welcome, industry experts have expressed concerns that it may not be enough to push GTA 6 to a consistent 60fps experience.

Rich stated that if GTA 6 runs at 30fps on the standard PS5, the same is expected for the Pro version, as the CPU’s modest 10% increase may not be enough to double the framerate.

However, if Rockstar Games manages to optimize the game’s engine for the PS5 Pro’s CPU and achieve a 60fps mode on the standard PS5, then the Pro version should be able to maintain that same level of performance.

The GPU: A Ray-Tracing Powerhouse

While the CPU’s performance remains a point of concern, the PS5 Pro’s GPU promises to be a true powerhouse.

With a staggering 33.5 teraflops of power, the console’s graphics processing capabilities will be a significant leap from the standard PS5’s 10.28 teraflops.

This significant increase in GPU performance could potentially alleviate some of the strain on the CPU by offloading certain rendering tasks, such as ray-tracing calculations and advanced lighting effects.

Experts predict that the PS5 Pro’s GPU will excel at upscaling older PS5 games from 1080p to stunning 4K resolution using its advanced PSSR (PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution Upscaling) technology.

While this may not directly impact the framerate, it could provide a visually enhanced experience for GTA 6, even if the game doesn’t natively support 4K resolution at launch.

The Potential for a Game-Changing Experience

While the jury is still out on whether the PS5 Pro will be capable of delivering a consistent 60fps experience for GTA 6, the console’s upgraded hardware undoubtedly holds immense potential.

The combination of a more powerful CPU and a raytracing-capable GPU could push the boundaries of what’s possible in the open-world gaming genre.

As we approach the launch of the PS5 Pro and GTA 6, it’s essential to keep in mind that these leaks should be taken with a grain of salt until official confirmation from Sony and Rockstar Games.

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