Banned Streamer Adin Ross Want to Return to Twitch


Adin Ross, once a prominent figure on the Twitch platform, is once again appealing to the streaming giant to revoke his permanent ban, which was imposed over a year ago.

The controversial streamer has a turbulent history with Twitch which led to multiple temporary bans, and eventually permanent suspension from the platform.

Why Was Adin Ross Banned From Twitch?

Starting in 2018, Adin Ross first gained prominence on Twitch by streaming popular games like NBA 2K, Fortnite, and Grand Theft Auto V.

However, his time on the platform was marked by repeated controversies (gambling content and racist remarks) that ultimately led to his permanent ban on February 26, 2023.

In the last Twitch stream, Ross displayed his inappropriate Kick chat “full of racist and hateful comments” on the stream for over 20 minutes without moderation, violating Twitch’s terms of service.

After the permanent ban, the streamer shifted his focus solely to a rival streaming platform, Kick, and quickly became their top talent.

However, it seems that the streamer still yearns to return to Twitch, as he has expressed remorse for his past actions on a recent stream on Kick and a desire to “collab with his favorite people” on the platform.

Twitch’s Shifting Stance on Banned Streamers

Interestingly, Twitch’s stance on permanently banned streamers appears to be easing up.

The platform has faced criticism for its ban feedback system, and CEO Dan Clancy has acknowledged the need for change.

Furthermore, Twitch has recently made a significant change to its policy, allowing creators to react to VODs or live streams from banned streamers, though direct hosting or featuring of these individuals is still prohibited.

Clancy even suggested some permanently banned creators may get a “second chance” in the future.

The shifts come as Twitch has struggled financially, even reporting it was unprofitable in 2023 despite its massive popularity.

Additionally, the platform has shuttered its Nintendo Switch app and closed its services in South Korea, where it was even fined for violating telecom laws.

These struggles could be a factor in Twitch’s consideration of giving “second chances” to some of its permanently banned creators, like Adin Ross.

With over 7 million followers on the platform before his ban, his return could provide a boost for the struggling streaming service.

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