Will Dreams Ever Launch on PC or PS5? Reported Plans Abandoned


Gamers have long wondered if the creative platformer Dreams would expand beyond the PS4.

However, recent reports suggest that rumored PC and PS5 versions of Dreams were scrapped during development.

What’s the Deal With the Rumored PC and PS5 Versions?

Industry insider Lance McDonald recently revealed during a livestream that versions of Dreams for PC and PS5 were deep into development before being canceled.

According to McDonald, these new versions were close to completion before plans were axed.

Back in 2020 when Dreams debuted, developer Media Molecule had hinted that the PS5 version was in the experimental stages.

Additionally, indications pointed to a PC port also being worked on, aligning with Sony’s newfound openness to releasing games on PC.

McDonald offered more details, saying the PS5 iteration was going to leverage ray tracing, while the PC version would obviously support mouse and keyboard controls.

Why the PC and PS5 Versions Canceled?

According to McDonald’s insights, plans to bring Dreams to PC and PS5 were halted due to large layoffs at Media Molecule last year.

Approximately 15-20% of the studio’s employees were let go which led to “significant strategic changes” including a shift away from Dreams.

This coincided with Media Molecule ending live service support for Dreams in September 2023.

Resources were seemingly being allocated toward a mysterious new project in development at the studio.

So while PS5 and PC versions were clearly in the works at some point, Media Molecule seems to have moved on to new endeavors.

What’s Next for Media Molecule Post-Dreams?

With live operations ceased for Dreams, Media Molecule has yet to share specifics on what its new project entails.

PlayStation had announced intentions to launch 10+ live service games in coming years, though delays have slowed some releases.

Dreams were among the casualties in that grand strategy.

While Dreams will seemingly remain a PlayStation 4 exclusive for the foreseeable future, fans hold out hope that expanded versions could still come to fruition.

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