Why Was WhatsTheStatus Banned from WWE 2K24 and How Did He Get Unbanned?

WhatsTheStatus 2k24 ban

WhatsTheStatus is a prominent modder in the WWE 2K24 community, known for unlocking certain characters that were originally locked to specific gameplay modes.

Recently he found himself in hot water when his creations were removed from the game’s Community Creation page, and he was subsequently banned.

What Caused WhatsTheStatus’ Ban from WWE 2K24?

The official reason cited by 2K, the game’s developers, was “violation of terms,” although the specifics were not initially disclosed.

A 2K spokesperson said:

“The player in question has received an indefinite ban due to violations of terms. Mods which negatively impact the game experience for other players violate our terms. Our primary concern is a positive WWE 2K24 experience for all players.”

But speaking to VGC, WhatsTheStatus said that the ban was likely due to his uploads that allowed intergender wrestling, where female wrestlers could compete against their male counterparts – something that is not possible in the base game.

While other users have uploaded similar content without facing consequences, WhatsTheStatus speculated that his high profile might have drawn unwanted attention.


The Community Rallies Behind the Modder: The “FreeStatus” Movement

The news of WhatsTheStatus’s ban did not sit well with the WWE 2K24 community, who took to social media to express their displeasure using the hashtag #FreeStatus.

Fans argued that the modder’s creations enhanced the game experience and that the ban was unjustified.

The outcry from the community was hard to ignore, and it seems that 2K and Visual Concepts took notice.

The Unbanning of WhatsTheStatus

In a surprising turn of events, the developers at 2K and Visual Concepts announced their decision to lift WhatsTheStatus’ ban on Apil 28.

In a statement on the game’s subreddit, the developer acknowledged the community’s voices and revealed that they had a “productive discussion” with the modder, to bring back some of his content that does not cause stability issues.

Additionally, both parties agreed to move forward with a “common understanding,” suggesting that clear guidelines may be established for future mods.

WhatsTheStatus, equally appreciative of the outcome, took to Twitter to express his gratitude to the supportive fans.

He acknowledged the fair agreement reached with the WWE Games team, allowing him to continue contributing his creations to the game’s vibrant community.

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