Valve Establishes New AI Content Rules for Steam Games – What Developers Need to Know


Valve has introduced updated policies around artificial intelligence (AI) generated content being published on Steam.

The new rules aim to increase transparency from developers who leverage AI technology in game development.

Key Highlights of Valve’s New AI Rules

Valve outlined the following key points that Steam game developers must adhere to for AI-driven content:

  • Detail any pre-generated assets created using AI during development
  • Disclose if games use live AI systems that generate content dynamically
  • Implement safeguards so live AI cannot produce illegal/infringing material
  • Provide “AI disclosure” summarizing the use of AI technology
  • Much of this will appear publicly on store pages for customer information
  • Players can report concerning AI content encountered in games

Reasons Behind Valve’s Stricter AI Policies

Previously, Valve rejected some game submissions over AI copyright concerns.

Their updated policies address issues like:

  • Legal uncertainties around AI content and IP rights
  • Preventing inappropriate/unlawful material from unchecked AI
  • Informed players about AI uses in games before purchasing
  • Adapting as generative AI and laws evolve

Recently, there were allegations that Infestation Origins used generative AI in its early stages.

This sparked discussions about the ethical implications of AI in the gaming industry.
It’s not just gamers who are concerned, even video game voice actors are apprehensive.
This is especially after a recent SAG-AFTRA deal with an AI studio for voice makeovers in games.
Generative AI is being used more and more to create cheaply produced games that are intended to make quick profits by release on Steam

What This Means for Developers Using AI

Game makers leveraging AI for content creation or generation now have defined disclosure requirements from Valve.

This includes:

  • Explaining if/how pre-generated assets use AI
  • Detailing live AI content systems and guardrails
  • Being transparent about AI usage on store pages

While permitting most AI applications, Valve still prohibits adult sexual content from live models lacking human oversight.

Looking Ahead at AI in Steam Games

Valve stresses its policies will change alongside AI technology advances and legal frameworks.

For now, developers have clearer guidelines for integrating AI responsibly.

However, debates around AI ethics, risks, and impacts will persist across the gaming landscape.

As AI capabilities grow, Valve and the industry must continue aligning policies with innovative yet responsible AI adoption.

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