TikTok owner ByteDance Potentially Selling its gaming unit Moonton Technology


ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, is reportedly considering selling its gaming unit Moonton Technology.

Two years ago ByteDance entered into gaming sector by acquiring Moonton Tech, the Shanghai-based studio for a staggering $4 billion.

But if the rumor comes to be true,  ByteDance might seem to be reviewing its decision to enter the gaming market.

The Origin of ByteDance’s Gaming Venture

ByteDance acquired Moonton in 2021 marking a key moment, placing the company as a key player in the billion-dollar global video games market.

Moonton Technology is renowned for its creation, “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang,” a mobile game that quickly gained popularity in gaming communities worldwide.


The Current Landscape and Potential Suitors

However, recent discussions indicate that ByteDance is in talks with potential buyers, with at least one Saudi-based firm in the mix.

The company’s decision to consider parting ways with Moonton suggests a strategic shift, emphasizing a refocus on its core business.

It’s important to note that these discussions are still in their early stages, and a definitive deal is not guaranteed at this point.

Assessing Moonton’s Performance

ByteDance’s venture into the gaming sector has faced challenges, notably with Moonton’s performance post-acquisition.

While “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang” achieved remarkable success, Moonton has struggled to repeat that success with succeeding releases.

This clear stagnation in creative output is a contributing factor to ByteDance’s inclination to explore a sale.

ByteDance’s Ongoing Strategic Adjustments

Recently ByteDance underwent a series of restructuring activities in its business that highlight its changing strategy.

They closed the Shanghai-based game development unit 101 Studio last year and more recently decided to revamp its virtual reality (VR) unit Pico, focusing on hardware business rather than software and games.

Navigating Challenges in the Gaming Sector

As per Statista, ByteDance is one of the biggest startup companies in terms of valuation around $225 billion. Their global sensation TikTok doing wonderful worldwide but this is not a scene to with its other ventures.

Moonton’s future within ByteDance is also entangled with the more expansive challenges faced by the gaming industry in China.

The Chinese government’s extensive crackdown on the video games sector in recent months led to a significant reduction in the gaming industry revenue for the first time last year.

Ans these external pressures may look like have influenced ByteDance’s strategic decisions regarding its gaming ventures.

Moonton’s Global Presence

Moonton, boasting more than 1,600 employees globally, operates not only in mainland China but also has a significant presence in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

The company’s footprint in multiple regions adds a layer of complexity to the potential sale, as ByteDance considers the impact on its global gaming operations.


In a nutshell, ByteDance’s consideration of selling Moonton Technology marks a significant chapter in its gaming journey.

As discussions are underway (rumor), the gaming industry watches with anticipation, curious about the potential suitor and the implications this decision may have on ByteDance’s overarching business strategy.

Only time will reveal the next move within the gaming realm until stay connected with Gaming Foodle for more news.

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