The Producer of The Voice and Shark Tank to Create Reality Shows Based of Esports


The worlds of esports and reality television are colliding in an exciting new partnership.

Amazon MGM Studios’ television division – MGM Alternative –  recently announced a deal with the Global Esports Federation (GEF) to develop content centered around the GEF’s flagship Global Esports Games competition.

This collaboration aims to bring the fascinating stories of elite esports athletes and the captivating drama of high-stakes gaming competitions to mainstream audiences.

What Kind of Content Can We Expect From This Deal?

With MGM Alternative’s experience producing major reality TV hits like The Voice, Shark Tank, and Survivor, we can likely expect a range of unscripted programs focusing on esports pros and gaming culture.

Some possibilities include:

  • A behind-the-scenes docuseries profiling star players as they train for and compete in the Global Esports Games. This could showcase their intense practice regimens, highlight their unique personalities, and build drama around their quest for glory.
  • An esports-themed competitive reality show where pro gamers face off in various video game challenges, with eliminations each episode. This would fuse gaming action with reality TV elimination excitement.
  • A lifestyle show exploring gaming culture around the world, visiting top esports hotspots and showcasing how video games have become a global phenomenon.
  • Reality-style coverage of the Global Esports Games themselves, emphasizing high-stakes drama and storylines as elite esports athletes represent their countries.

Why Are Esports and Reality TV Such a Strong Match?

Esports offers many compelling ingredients that should blend seamlessly with the reality television formula.

The outsized personalities of pro gamers, the intense training required at the highest levels, the jaw-dropping skills displayed in competition, and the huge amounts of money at stake provide endless fodder for dramatic storytelling.

Reality television producers are experts at teasing out interpersonal stories, heightened emotions, and building viewer investment in competitions.

Applying this formula to showcase the wild world of esports could draw in both existing gaming fans and new audiences, expanding the reach of pro gaming.

What Events Could These Shows Cover?

The GEF calendar offers plenty of big tournaments ripe for reality spotlighting.

The Global Esports Games represent the GEF’s signature event, crowning world champions across multiple popular esports titles.

This includes:

  • Global Esports Games (GEG)
  • The pro-series Global Esports Tour
  • Continental Marquee Events

Their flagship event Global Esports Games (GEG) is an annual event like a mini Olympic a esports enthusiasts.

The 3rd edition of GEG took place in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) from December 12th-17th, 2023 where 300 esports athletes from over 45 nations fought in a multi-title esports competition.

The next GEG will take place in China this year and in the United Arab Emirates in 2025.

  1. Singapore 2021
  2. Istanbul 2022
  3. Riyadh 2023
  4. China 2024
  5. The UAE 2025
  6. The U.S. 2026
  7. Qatar  2027

The Global Esports Tour provides a circuit of competitions staged in different countries.

Meanwhile, the Continental Esports Championships focus on regional rivalries within continents like Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

There is no shortage of high-level esports action for potential shows to cover.

Will This Gamble Pay Off?

Esports is now a billion-dollar industry, with its popularity only continuing to grow.

According to Roundhill Investments, the total esports audience will reach 646 million people by 2024.

Meanwhile, reality television remains one of the most dominant genres in entertainment.

Unscripted series consistently score high ratings across broadcast and streaming.

It remains to be seen whether embracing reality TV sensibilities can truly push esports further into the mainstream.

There is always a risk when blending gaming content with manufactured drama.

But the partnership between a huge reality TV studio like MGM and a leading esports organization like the GEF lends major credibility to this ambitious effort.

If done right, esports-flavored reality shows could become the next big entertainment sensation.

But the characters and storylines will need to feel authentic and avoid exaggerated gimmicks.

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