Spider-Man Voice Actor Confirmed That He Is In Helldivers 2

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If you’re an avid Helldivers 2 player, chances are you’ve noticed a familiar voice among the game’s roster of heroic Helldiver characters.

Many fans have been speculating that one of the voices belongs to none other than Yuri Lowenthal, the renowned voice actor best known for his portrayal of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in various Marvel games and animated series.

The Confirmation: Yuri Lowenthal Joins the Fight for Democracy

After weeks of speculation and fan inquiries, Yuri Lowenthal has finally confirmed his involvement in Helldivers 2.

In a recent interaction with fans on X, the voice actor revealed that he is indeed behind one of the Helldiver voice packs available in the game, specifically Voice Pack 2 from the Armory.

But there’s a twist! Lowenthal shared that his performance in Helldivers 2 is heavily influenced by the cult classic sci-fi film, Starship Troopers. This iconic movie, set in the 23rd century, follows humanity’s intergalactic war against alien invaders, providing a fitting inspiration for the voice actor’s role in the game.

A Star-Studded Cast of Voice Talents

Yuri Lowenthal is not the only recognizable voice talent from the Spider-Man universe lending their skills to Helldivers 2. The game’s voice cast has a multiple Spiderman voice actor, including:

  • Robbie Daymond (Marvel Future Avengers – Peter Parker)
  • Julie Nathanson (Spider-Man)
  • Erica Lindbeck (Spider-Man 2 – voice Black Cat)
  • Ike Amadi (Spider-Man 2 – voice Aaron Davis)

Fans Celebrate Lowenthal’s Helldivers 2 Reveal

The confirmation of Yuri Lowenthal’s involvement in Helldivers 2 has been met with overwhelming response from fans.

Many had already suspected his involvement from the game’s launch, and his revelation has only solidified their admiration for his performance.

“I figured out it was Yuri on day one, and I’ve been praising him ever since. We can now officially celebrate it!” —– exclaimed one fan.

Others applauded Lowenthal’s hilarious and captivating delivery, with one player stating, “The lines are pure gold.”

Were you able to spot Yuri Lowenthal’s distinct voice in Helldivers 2? Share your thoughts and reactions in the comments below!

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