Sonic Mania Plus Zooms onto Netflix: Blue Blur Blasts Through Mobile Gaming!


Netflix announced a new wave of games hitting their platform in the next year, and guess who’s headlining the pack?

None other than the king of speed himself, Sonic the Hedgehog, roaring onto mobile with Sonic Mania Plus!

That’s right, for the first time ever, this 2018 definitive edition of classic Sonic goodness will be available to download and play on your Android, iPhone, or iPadcompletely ad-free!

This is a big deal, folks. Remember those pixelated days spent chasing rings and battling Eggman on your old Sega Genesis?

Sonic Mania Plus captures that retro magic and injects it with modern polish, making it the perfect nostalgia trip for veterans and a fresh blast of platforming fun for newcomers.

But hold on, you might be asking, “What’s the difference between Sonic Mania Plus and the original?” Well, picture a chili dog piled high with extra toppings.

That’s Sonic Mania Plus! It takes the original game and throws in a bunch of juicy new features, like:

  • Two new playable characters: Get ready to rock as Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Squirrel! Each character has unique abilities that open up fresh paths and strategies for conquering those levels.
  • Encore Mode: Think you’ve mastered Green Hill Zone? Think again! Encore Mode remixes the entire game with new layouts, hidden secrets, and even tougher challenges. Prepare to put your Sonic skills to the ultimate test!
  • Competition Mode: Get your friends together for some four-player couch co-op or head-to-head chaos! Race through levels, compete for high scores, and settle the age-old question: who’s the fastest hedgehog in town?

And the best part? If you already own Sonic Mania, you can access all this extra content as downloadable content (DLC).

So, whether you’re a seasoned Sonic fan or a curious newcomer, there’s a whole lot of blue-blur goodness waiting for you on Netflix Games.

Speaking of Netflix Games, Sonic Mania Plus is just one gem in a treasure trove of awesome titles.

You can already dive into classics like the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, or get ready for upcoming hits like Hades and Braid Anniversary Edition.

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Netflix is serious about bringing a diverse and exciting gaming experience to its subscribers, and with over 86 games already available and another 90 in development, it’s clear they’re not slowing down anytime soon.

So, fire up your Netflix app, grab your controller (or just tap your screen!), and prepare to be whisked away to a world of pixelated speed, side-scrolling thrills, and endless fun.

Sonic Mania Plus is just the beginning of an epic gaming adventure on Netflix, and trust me, you won’t want to miss the ride!

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