Sega Sets Its Sights on Mobile Gaming Glory with New Sonic Titles


Sega has some big plans for the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise on mobile devices.

The company recently confirmed that multiple new Sonic games for mobile are in development following its acquisition of Angry Birds maker Rovio earlier this year.

From Acquisition to Acceleration: The Rovio-Powered Boost

Back in August 2023, Sega finalized a deal to fully acquire Finnish game studio Rovio Entertainment, the developers behind the hugely popular Angry Birds franchise.

This may have seemed like an odd purchase at first glance, but Sega had a method behind its madness.

Rovio announced in early 2023 that it was exploring acquisition offers and looking for a buyer.

Sega emerged as one of the top contenders to snap up the mobile gaming specialists.

After a few months of negotiations, Sega secured the deal to bring Rovio under its umbrella by September.

This wasn’t just a friendly handshake, though.

Sega has a grand vision: to propel its legendary IPs, including the one and only Sonic the Hedgehog, to mobile gaming stardom on a global scale.

Global Mobile Gaming Domination

Sega’s not shy about its ambitions.

A recent presentation revealed a dedicated slide highlighting the development of multiple Sonic mobile games, likely in collaboration with Rovio, judging by the mention of their “Beacon” development toolkit.

This is huge news for Sonic fans worldwide, especially considering the franchise’s stellar performance in 2023.

So why was Rovio so appealing to Sega?

In a nutshell, Sega wanted Rovio’s expertise in mobile gaming and knowledge of the worldwide mobile market.

Sega has been focused recently on transforming its gaming IPs into global brands that resonate with audiences across the world.

To achieve this goal, strengthening its mobile gaming presence was identified as a key priority.

Rovio has a proven track record in mobile gaming, especially when it comes to casual titles like Angry Birds that attract a mass market, global audience.

Sega wanted to leverage that knowledge to amplify its own gaming IPs on mobile platforms.

And Rovio’s experience in the Asian and Chinese mobile gaming markets especially seemed to be a motivating factor behind the acquisition.

Tapping into the huge Asian mobile gaming scene is crucial for any company with global gaming ambitions like Sega.

Beyond Sonic

But wait, there’s more!

Sega’s mobile ambitions extend far beyond the spiky blue blur.

The presentation also showcased plans for:

  • Hatsune Miku gracing mobile screens with her electrifying tunes.
  • Angry Birds taking flight on PC and consoles, ready to ruffle some feathers on new platforms.
  • Collaborations galore, bringing fresh energy to both new and existing games.

2024: A Year of Sonic Celebrations and Beyond

While we eagerly await the new Sonic mobile titles, Sega has plenty of other treats in store for 2024. Get ready for:

  • Atlus’ Metaphor: ReFantazio, a mind-bending RPG adventure.
  • Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, where Kazuma Kiryu’s legendary saga continues.
  • Classic revivals like Streets of Rage: Revolution, bringing back the beat-’em-up magic.
  • Gotta Zoom Gotta Go: The Final Lap

By acquiring mobile gaming wizards Rovio, Sega has opened up possibilities to advance its central strategy of transforming brands like Sonic into truly global gaming phenomena that appeal to mobile audiences everywhere.

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