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In the vast and dynamic realm of mobile gaming, loyalty is the golden ticket to long-term success for gaming publishers.

Mistplay, a Montreal-based loyalty app for gaming, recently released its Mobile Gaming Loyalty Report, shedding light on the intricate factors that drive player allegiance.

RPGs: The Undisputed Champions of Loyalty (Loyalty Rating: 75/100)

Role-playing games emerge as the ultimate winners in the Mistplay Loyalty Index. Boasting a loyalty rating of 75 out of 100, RPGs captivate players with deep gameplay experiences and intricate monetization systems.

This winning combination compels players to not only spend more in a single transaction but also engage more frequently compared to other genres.

Mistplay Loyalty Index on Mobile Gaming Loyalty RPG

Strategy Games: The Repeat Purchase Powerhouse

Securing the second position across 13 categories, strategy games wield significant influence with both average sessions per user and playtime.

Robust spending mechanics, coupled with engaging socialization and customization features, fuel user progression and competitiveness, driving repeat purchases.

Mistplay Loyalty Index on Mobile Gaming Loyalty

Lifestyle Games: Crafting Loyalty through Compelling Experiences

Lifestyle games clinch the top spot for a share of spenders by day 30 and secure the third position for repeat purchases.

Designed with bite-sized, repeatable gameplay tasks, these games entice players to return multiple times daily, contributing to incremental spending as players strive to achieve their in-game aspirations.

Lifestyle Games

Player Behavior and Spending Habits: Unveiling Patterns

The report delves into the intriguing habits of players, revealing that 77.3% of spenders engage with two to seven games weekly, yet only 53% allocate their spending to a single game.

Additionally, 71.7% highlight the importance of witnessing actual gameplay footage in ads when deciding to install a game.

Word of Mouth: A Formidable Acquisition Source

While ads and app stores dominate game discovery, word of mouth remains a potent force.

35% of respondents discover new mobile games through recommendations from friends and family, underscoring the impact of personal connections in the gaming community.

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The Impact of Updates on Player Retention

Negatively-received updates wield significant power over player retention, with 39% stating they would abandon a game if a poorly received update isn’t rectified within a week.

This highlights the pivotal role timely updates play in maintaining player satisfaction.

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App Store Ratings and Reviews: The Deciding Factors

Over 60% of respondents consider star ratings and written reviews crucial when contemplating a new download from the Google Play Store.

With more than 30% rating them as very important, app store feedback becomes a paramount factor in the decision-making process.

High-Value Spenders: Insights into Gameplay Patterns

Exploring the motivations of high-value spenders, those investing over $100 in mobile games, provides unique insights.

The hunt for advancement and the desire to maintain in-game achievements appear as top reasons for continued engagement, emphasizing the profound impact of a sense of accomplishment on player retention.

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Jason Heller, Mistplay’s CEO, emphasizes,

“Player loyalty is the cornerstone of long-term success for gaming publishers. It’s a multifaceted aspect that goes beyond a single metric, and our Loyalty Index aims to provide a holistic view of what drives player allegiance.”


In a nutshell, Mistplay’s comprehensive report illuminates the intricate web of factors shaping mobile gaming loyalty.

Publishers aiming for enduring success must not only understand these dynamics but also adapt strategies that resonate with the evolving preferences of the gaming community.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the keys to loyalty in mobile gaming are ever-changing, making adaptability and innovation the true champions in this dynamic arena.

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