Riot Games to Honor League of Legends GOATs Players with Hall of Legends


Who are the greatest League of Legends esports players of all time?

Riot Games aims to answer that question with the upcoming “Hall of Legends” – their take on a Hall of Fame to enshrine legends of the scene.

An inaugural class will be inducted later this year, over a decade into League’s esports history.

Who Will be the First Inductee of HOF?

With 14 seasons under its belt, League Esports has no shortage of icons.

Riot promises inductees worthy of a spot in this prestigious hall.

Early suspects include legendary players that defined metas and clinched titles across eras and regions.

Beyond competitors, beloved casters, coaches, and executives instrumental in growing League esports could earn a place too.

Mysterious Voting Process and Selection Panel

Riot has revealed little about the selection criteria.

An independent voting panel comprising esports veterans and experts from every region will decide the inaugural inductee.

The identities of this secret council remain unknown.

Their decisions likely draw on stats, achievements, influence, and icon status to determine the greats.

Announcements could coincide with the 2024 LPL Season Kickoff tournaments which are starting from January 13th.

In-Game and IRL Celebrations

Once selected, inductees will receive in and out-of-game tributes.

Their “historic careers” will be memorialized for new generations of League talent to admire.

Expect video packages, on-stage ceremonies at live events, in-client cosmetic items or modes, and more.

Who Deserves the Nod?

From Faker’s global fandom to Mata’s visionary shot-calling, various legends have compelling cases.

As a long-time League esports fan, I’m thrilled Riot is finally giving the greats their due.

The inaugural class will set the tone for the hall’s prestige.

I can’t wait to see the first set of deserving inductees – but with so many icons, the voting won’t be easy!

Which players or personalities do you think should be first-ballot Hall of Legends members?

Who’s contributed most to League’s wild esports ride?

Let me know!

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