Ralf Reichert, New CEO of the Esports World Cup Foundation In Saudi Arabia, Talk About Future of Gaming

Ralf Reichert

On October 23rd, the esports community was taken by surprise when Ralf Reichert, the prominent Chairman of ESL FACEIT Group, announced his departure from his long-held position.

His decision to transition into the role of CEO for the Esports World Cup Foundation which is about to host the First World Cup of Esports in Saudi Arabia.

He expressed his views about the future of the Esports World Cup and the changing esports dynamics at the New global esports conference 0n 23rd October and the Multiverse Summit on the 25th of October, here are some highlights of it.

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and the Emergence of the Esports World Cup

The beginning of the Esports World Cup comes as a pivotal stride in the realization of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 initiative, an ambitious economic diversification plan produced by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

With a primary focus on fostering the growth of the tourism sector and broadening the economy, the country’s substantial investment in esports has garnered both admiration and criticism from the global community.

Addressing Community Concerns: Human Rights and Diverse Representation

In light of Saudi Arabia’s human rights record, including its treatment of LGBTQ+ individuals and women’s rights, questions have been raised about the country’s suitability to host such an influential esports event.

Despite criticisms, Reichert highlighted the inclusivity and safety experienced by the gaming community in the region.

Acknowledging the ongoing societal evolution, he expressed optimism about the country’s progressive development and its alignment with the ethos of the esports industry.

The Ambitious Scope of the Esports World Cup

Envisioned as one of the largest global esports tournaments, the Esports World Cup aims to surpass its predecessor, Gamers8, in terms of both prize pool and game diversity.

With plans to incorporate a plethora of titles across various gaming platforms, including mobile, PC, and console, Reichert underscored the tournament’s unwavering dedication to accommodating a diverse range of gaming preferences.

Gamers Jumping over Hurdles to Get the Best

When the interviewer asked him about the recent changing dynamics of gaming Reifrild stated, that gamers jump over hurdles and bust through walls to join the fun of gaming whether they are playing on a mobile PC or console.

Every game on PC is 100 clicks away and in PlayStations, it’s literally only two clicks away, so the hypothesis of the whole gaming industry is that PC gaming is dead, and consoles will take over. But history told us it is a lie, when something more fun and engaging and amazing people will jump hundreds of hoops to get there.

Views on Web3 and Its Impact on the Gaming Industry

Ralf also expressed his views on the Web3 game and its impact on the traditional game development process.

According to him, Traditional gaming requires a lot of time to develop and build a community that almost takes 3 to 4 years but web3 simply bypasses this time.

If you look at Fortnite its a one of the best game in the last 6 year, is literally a copy of PUBG and some coped content from DOTA and League of Legend were added to it to give it a refreshing look. League of Legends is actually a younger version of DOTA, but this game started well in the initial period after a series of iteration-iteration they become the best games now.

Encouraging Diversity and Inclusivity within the Esports Landscape

Setting itself apart, the Esports World Cup encourages esports organizations to field multiple rosters across various disciplines, incentivizing them through a cross-game competition format.

While emphasizing the flexibility afforded to participating teams, Reichert highlighted the foundation’s commitment to nurturing an environment where diverse gaming interests can thrive.

Paving the Way for Women in Esports

Recognizing the need for greater inclusivity, the foundation is actively exploring the possibility of hosting women’s tournaments, a promising initiative that aligns with ongoing efforts to promote gender diversity in esports.

This move stands as a potential trigger for enhancing the participation and visibility of women in the competitive gaming sphere.

A Non-Profit Vision for Industry Growth

Reichert’s transition to the Esports World Cup Foundation signifies a significant shift in his career trajectory, driven by a shared vision to amplify the esports industry’s global impact.

As the foundation operates as a nonprofit entity, its primary focus lies in fostering industry expansion and cultivating an environment conducive to the growth of esports on a global scale.

Looking Ahead: Challenges and Prospects

As the Esports World Cup sets its sights on establishing an annual flagship event, its ties to the Saudi Arabian government underscore a persistent need to address community concerns.

While navigating potential backlash, the foundation remains committed to its overarching goal of fostering a flourishing, inclusive, and expansive esports ecosystem.

In conclusion,

With Ralf Reichert at the helm, the Esports World Cup Foundation endeavors to navigate the dynamic terrain of the global esports landscape, fostering a culture of inclusivity, diversity, and sustainable growth within the industry.

As the tournament continues to gain traction and recognition, its impact on the wider esports community remains to be seen.

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