Pearson and British Esports Launched New ‘Internationally Recognised’ Esports Qualifications


Ever dreamed of turning your gaming passion into a real career? Well, get ready esports fans because some exciting new qualifications are leveling up your opportunities.

UK esports body British Esports and education giants Pearson have teamed up to launch brand new higher-tier BTEC qualifications dedicated entirely to competitive gaming and esports.

These aim to offer a route into esports careers while teaching transferable digital skills.

These cutting-edge courses include a Level 4 Higher National Certificate (HNC) which is equivalent to the first year of a university degree, and a Level 5 Higher National Diploma (HND) equivalent to the second year.

This initiative builds upon the previous collaboration between Pearson and British Esports, which saw the introduction of Level 2 and Level 3 BTEC qualifications in Esports in 2020.

What Will You Study on an Esports BTEC?

The comprehensive curriculum covers pretty much everything you need for a stellar esports career, with over 30 units on offer.

There are modules focused specifically on:

  • Coaching the best gamers
  • Esports event production, marketing, and management
  • Esports data analytics
  • Community management
  • Sponsorship 
  • Acquisition of esports players and teams

These qualifications will equip you with the complete skillset to thrive in the booming esports industry.

Why Study Esports at a Higher Level?

As esports continues its meteoric rise in popularity, career opportunities are exploding. Revenues are projected to hit a massive $4.3 billion globally by 2024!

By studying for a higher-tier esports qualification, you’ll gain the advanced skills and knowledge to really stand out from the crowd when launching your dream career.

These courses have been carefully designed with input from major industry experts and employers. So you can be confident you’ll finish with skills finely tuned to what companies are looking for.

The HNC and HND provide a seamless pathway into traditional university degrees too. Several top universities are already offering specialized esports top-up degrees once you complete the higher nationals.

Which Colleges Offer These Qualifications?

Colleges and educational institutions worldwide are already signing up to offer the new Level 4 and 5 esports BTECs from September 2024.

In the UK, early confirmed providers include the likes of Newcastle College, Staffordshire Colleges Group, York College, and Sunderland College’s specialist British Esports National Esports Performance Campus.

Internationally, the University of Technology and Management in Vietnam are among the first to get on board.

More locations will certainly follow as awareness grows around this pioneering suite of esports qualifications.

Head on over to the official website for more details.

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