Monumental Acquires Game Circus: Expanding Its Indie Gaming Empire


According to PC Gamer, Monumental has acquired Game Circus, a renowned developer, and publisher of social casino arcade games.

This strategic move not only expands Monumental’s portfolio but also strengthens its foothold in the free-to-play casino category, opening up new avenues for growth and innovation.

What is Monumental, and Why Does This Acquisition Matter?

Monumental is an indie game developer and publisher with an impressive catalog of over 40 mobile titles.

It includes:

  • CrowFall
  • Mythgard
  • Little Alchemist
  • Storm Wars
  • Looty Dungeon

By acquiring Game Circus, Monumental gains access to a wealth of popular games such as Coin Dozer, Taps to Riches, Merge Zoo, and Prize Claw, which have collectively amassed an astounding 400 million downloads.

A Robust Portfolio: Kongregate Acquisition

Monumental’s acquisition spree doesn’t stop there.

Just last week, the company also acquired Kongregate from Modern Times Group (MTG), further bolstering its position in the indie gaming market.

Kongregate is a leading web gaming platform and publisher.

They host thousands of browser-based games alongside their own original titles.

What’s Next for the Gaming Brands?

Monumental’s CEO, Monty Kerr, and his talented team have a clear vision for the future of indie gaming.

By combining the strengths of various developers and publishers, they aim to create a diverse and engaging gaming ecosystem that caters to players of all ages and preferences.

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