Kim Kardashian: Hollywood mobile game Shutting Down in April


Kim Kardashian: Hollywood shutting down on 8th April 2024.

After nearly 10 years of A-list fabulousness, the game developed by Glu Mobile will cease operations, removing in-app purchases and disappearing from app stores.

Those who have already installed the game, they can continue playing and use up their hard-earned K-Stars (In-app Virtual Currency) until April 8th.

After that date, the game “will become inaccessible for all players” according to Glu Mobile.

Kim Kardashian herself acknowledged the “journey has meant so much to me” and the community built around the game.

While focusing her energy on new passions, she thanked the development team at Glu Mobile for their diligent work and expressed being “forever inspired” by the global community playing her game.


Examining Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’s Mobile Gaming Impact

When first launched in June 2014, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood made an immediate impact – generating $1.6 million in revenue in the just first 5 days and reportedly earned $160m+ lifetime.

For a mobile game industry that sees 83% of titles fail within 3 years of release, its 9-year run exceeded all expectations.

The gaming site Polygon picked it as one of the top 100 games of the decade.

The site praised its focus on young women, calling it a great example of mobile games tailored for them.

The game resonated with people seeking celebrity-fueled entertainment.

As a “freemium” game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood offered free access with optional in-app purchases.

Players could rapidly progress by buying virtual currency known as K-Stars.

While some criticized these monetization tactics, the game undoubtedly entertained legions of Kardashian fans.

What Made Kim Kardashian: Hollywood So Successful?

Several factors fueled the mobile game’s meteoric success and longevity:

  • Leveraging Kim Kardashian’s Celebrity Appeal: Her global fame as a media personality, model, and entrepreneur provided built-in marketing and curiosity.
  • Freemium Monetization for Accessibility: The free-to-play model removed barriers to entry for casual gaming fans to download and try the game. In-app purchases appealed to more competitive players seeking faster progression.
  • Aspirational Escapism and Roleplaying: Who wouldn’t want to join Kim K in her glamorous lifestyle? The game lets people simulate what it might be like to be rich and famous.
  • Fashion Focus for Customization: Unlocking stylish clothes to dress up your character appealed to style-conscious audiences. The sheer array of fashion choices kept the game feeling fresh.


Why Shutting Down

Well, the reason is unclear.

However, as per the source, this decade-old game has had a significant decline in users.

That is why Glu Mobile decided to shut it down to shift its resources to another project.

Saying Goodbye to KKH is Emotional for Some and inconsequential for many.

Though it is not a AAA title, for diehard Kardashian fans, it’s certainly a fun ride.

Do you play this Kardashian Game?

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