Fortnite Finally Returns to iOS in 2024 Thanks to New EU Law


In a long-awaited announcement, Epic Games revealed Fortnite will once again be available on iOS devices starting in 2024 in Europe.

This comes after a years-long absence following Epic’s legal battles with Apple over App Store policies and commissions.

The Saga Between Epic and Apple

The popular battle royale game Fortnite has been unavailable on iOS devices since August 2020.

This was due to a dispute between developer Epic Games and Apple over App Store fees and payment policies.

Epic tried to bypass Apple’s commissions by adding direct in-app purchases to Fortnite, violating App Store rules.

Apple promptly removed the game from the App Store, and a prolonged legal fight ensued.

New EU Law Allows Third-Party App Stores

The Epic Games Store on iOS will be made possible thanks to the EU’s new Digital Markets Act passed in late 2022.

The legislation requires platforms like Apple and Google to allow third-party app stores.

Epic wasted no time confirming it would leverage this opportunity to restore Fortnite access on iOS.

A key provision allows developers to distribute apps on iOS devices through third-party app stores rather than being restricted only to Apple’s App Store.

Epic Plans to Launch iOS Epic Games Store

Rather than re-releasing Fortnite through the official Apple App Store, Epic is bringing the game back to iPhones and iPads through its own upcoming iOS app store.

This will allow the developer to avoid paying Apple’s 30% commission on in-app purchases.

iOS Fortnite players in EU regions can download and play again without needing Apple’s approval.

However, the Epic Games Store will still need to follow other App Store guidelines and pay commissions on in-app purchases.

Apple’s Control Over iOS Still Frustrates Developers

In Epic’s announcement, it took another shot at Apple’s “monopoly power” over iOS apps and payments.

Even though Apple recently announced new flexibility allowing apps to offer streaming games and mini-programs, developers still must use Apple’s in-app purchase system.

Epic wants the freedom to process payments directly.

The Return of Fortnite on iOS in the EU is a Start

For now, Fortnite’s return is limited to the EU where regulations have evolved more in developers’ favor.

However, this could set the stage for Epic to eventually distribute and process payments through its own iOS app store globally.

iOS players worldwide eagerly await the day when they can drop onto the island and battle it out in Fortnite once again!

As someone who loves playing on my iPhone, I’m hyped Fortnite is finally coming back, at least in some form.

The Epic vs Apple drama has gone on way too long if you ask me!

Here’s hoping this EU launch leads to the game becoming available globally sooner rather than later.

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