Esports World Cup Announced Mobile Legends: Bang Bang As First Partner Title


Last year Saudi Arabia announced the hosting annual Esports tournament – The Esports World Cup.

The First Esports World Cup is set to be an epic tournament this summer in Riyadh.

As one of the most anticipated esports events of 2024, fans are eager to see which competitive titles will be featured.

The lineup is now being revealed, and it includes the globally popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB).

Developed by Moonton Games, MLBB boasts over 110 million monthly active users worldwide with 1.46 billion total installs.

The mobile title’s inclusion in the Esports World Cup signals its rise as a major esports game.

MLBB will host its own Mid-Season Cup tournament at the event, drawing top professional teams from 14 regions across 35+ countries.

Esports World Cup CEO Ralf Reichert called the game lineup “incredible” in a recent LinkedIn post.

With its massive player base and competitive scene, MLBB could be poised to steal the show this summer.

Its intuitive controls and short 15-20-minute match times cater well to live tournament play.

The 8-week-long Esports World Cup will showcase various competitive games.

Apart from MLBB Esports World Cup Foundation is in talks with various developers to include their esports in this tournament.

Previously Free Fire announced their mid-season in June likely to be part of the Esports World Cup.

Recent rumors suggest that Riot Games is in talks with the Foundation to include League of Legends and Valorant in this tournament.

More titles are likely to join this mega-prize event.

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