Esports Awards 2023: Faker and Mohamed Light Shine Bright as Esports Players of the Year! Check out Full Winner List

esports awards

The annual Esports Awards, presented by Lexus, marked its ninth successful year on November 30, 2023, at the heart of the entertainment capital, Las Vegas.

Held at the technologically advanced Resorts World Las Vegas, the event transformed the Zouk Nightclub into a hub of excitement and recognition, honoring the brightest stars and most remarkable achievements within the global esports landscape.

A Fusion of Fan Voices and Industry Expertise

With a combination of fan votes and industry experts’ opinions, the awards recognized the individuals, teams, and organizations that have pushed the boundaries of innovation, captivated audiences, and contributed to the exponential growth of the esports industry.

The process commenced with the introduction of new nominees and categories in July, followed by the revelation of finalists in September.

Thirty Prestigious Awards

A total of thirty awards were bestowed upon the industry’s most outstanding contributors, encompassing prestigious categories such as Esports Game of the Year and PC Player of the Year.

The winners represented a diverse range of esports titles, highlighting the immense talent and dedication within the community.

Lifetime Achievement Class of 2023: Honoring Legends

Beyond the competitive accolades, the ceremony paid tribute to the pioneers who have shaped the esports landscape.

The Lifetime Achievement Class of 2023 inducted prominent figures like Michael O’Dell, Victor Goossens, Shane Hendrixson, Faze Crimsix, Grubby, Lee Young Ho, Tryndamere, and Chris Puckett.

Check out the full list of The Esports Awards 2023 winners:

Esports Game of the Year: VALORANT

Esports Mobile Game of the Year: Mobile Legends

Esports Publisher of the Year: Riot Games

Esports Content Creator of the Year: S8UL

Esports Organisation of the Year: Team Vitality

Esports PC Player of the Year: Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok

Esports Mobile Player of the Year: Mohamed “Mohamed Light” Tarek

Esports Breakthrough Player of the Year: Max “Demon1” Mazanov

Team of the Year: ESL FACEIT Group

Esports Team of the Year: T1 League of Legends

Esports Coach of the Year: Christine “Potter” Chi

Esports Personality of the Year: Disguised Toast

Esports Content of the Year: Faker: A Decade of Greatness

Esports Awards 2023: Esports Game of the year Valorant
Esports Awards 2023: Esports Mobile Game of the year Mobile Legend
Esports Awards 2023 Faker
Esports Awards 2023 Mohamed Light
Esports Awards 2023 ESL FASEIT Group
Esports Awards 2023 Team Vitality
Esports Awards 2023 Riot Games
Esports Awards 2023 S8UL
Esports Awards 2023 Faker
Esports Awards 2023 POTTER
Esports Awards 2023 Disguised toast

Other Awards in Shows:

Esports Coverage Platform of the Year: Esports Charts

Streamer of the Year: Rivers_GG

Esports Desk Analyst of the Year: Mimi “aEvilCat” Wermcrantz

Esports Controller Player of the Year: Paco “HyDra Rusiewiez

Esports Host of the Year: Caleb “WavePunk” Simmons

Esports Colour Caster of Year: Dan “Gaskin” Gaskin

Esports Play by Play Caster of the Year: Mitch “Uber” Leslie Collegiate

Program of the Year: The University of Oklahoma

Esports Supporting Service of the Year: Prodigy Agency

Esports Creative Team of the Year: Paper Crowns

Esports Creative of the Year: Seso Esports Broadcast/Production

Esports Journalist of the Year: Richard Lewis

Esports Commercial Partner of the Year: Gucci Esports

Cosplay of the Year: Akemikun

Esports Play of the Year: Ilya “mONESY” Osipov

Panel’s Choice Award: Dr. Julia Hiltscher

Esports Hardware Piece of the Year: Stream Deck MK.2

Esports Awards 2023 Akemikun
Esports Awards 2023 SESO
Esports Awards 2023 ELGATO
Esports Awards 2023 GUCCI
Esports Awards 2023 Paper Crowns
Esports Awards 2023 Esports Charts
Esports Awards 2023 Wavepuck
Esports Awards 2023 HYDRA
Esports Awards 2023 AEVILCAT
Esports Awards 2023 RIVERS GG
Esports Awards 2023 TEAM VITALITY
Esports Awards 2023 DEMON1
Esports Awards 2023 MONSEY
Esports Awards 2023 GASKIN
Esports Awards 2023 UBER
Esports Awards 2023 PRODOGY AGENCY

Looking Ahead

As the dust settles on the Esports Awards 2023, the anticipation for the next edition begins to build. The esports industry continues to evolve at an astonishing pace, and with it, the Esports Awards will undoubtedly continue to adapt and innovate, ensuring that it remains the premier event for recognizing and celebrating excellence in the world of esports.

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