10+ year old Mysterious Canceled Sci-Fi Space Call of Duty Gameplay Leak Online


A canceled Xbox 360-era sci-fi Call of Duty game called “Future Warfare” or “NX1” has recently gone viral on the internet, giving us a tempting glimpse of what could have been.

Call of Duty is one of the biggest franchises in gaming, with each new entry raking in billions of dollars annually.

But by looking at this game, not every CoD game makes it to release.

The canceled sci-fi Call of Duty game, referred to as “Future Warfare” or “NX1,” was reportedly in development for over a decade at Neversoft, the studio known for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

So how did this mysterious sci-fi CoD project take shape, and why was it ultimately canceled?

A Leak from the Moon

The first leaked video shows a player in a spacesuit being breached on the lunar surface.

As oxygen leaks out, they must flee into a nearby moon base while under attack.

This cinematic first-person footage looks too polished to be a mod, lending credibility to its origins.

Based on the leaked footage, NX1 looked poised to deliver a sci-fi Starfield-like twist on the core Call of Duty formula.

Desert Warfare Multiplayer Map

A second leaked video shows the NX1 multiplayer gameplay within a ruined desert town map.

The player switches between Akimbo Glocks and an advanced futuristic DMR rifle.

Neversoft’s Pivot to Call of Duty

These videos’ legitimacy is backed up by Brian Bright, a former Neversoft senior developer.

He confirms NX1 was Neversoft’s first attempt at Call of Duty after shifting from Guitar Hero.

He reveals it included a moon mission and multiplayer maps like “Sandstorm,” aimed at familiarizing Neversoft with the CoD framework.

Replacement for Ghosts?

According to Bright, NX1 would have been released instead of 2013’s Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Before cancellation, they had 2-3 campaign missions and multiple MP maps done.

This lost game was a direct predecessor to Ghosts.

Escort Mode Proto-Black Ops Cold War

NX1 further hinted at an “Escort” multiplayer mode that would later reemerge in Black Ops Cold War in 2020.

The game seemed to be experimenting with creative sci-fi ideas well ahead of its time.

Echoes of Infinite Warfare

With its sci-fi setting spanning the solar system, NX1’s ambitions aligned closely with 2016’s Infinite Warfare.

But the series has shied away from sci-fi since then, making this lost game all the more intriguing.

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