Squad Busters Off to a Strong Start: Hits $10 Million Revenue in First Week

Squad Busters

Supercell‘s newest game Squad Busters has been available globally for just over a week. So how is the team-based shooter faring in its early days on the app stores?

The initial revenue numbers look promising. According to data from AppMagic, Squad Busters generated $9.16 million in-app purchase (IAP) revenue in its first week of global availability from May 29 to June 6.

When combined with the $1.5 million earned during its soft launch period, the game has already surpassed $10.6 million in player spending.

From Where Squad Busters Driving Revenue?

The biggest spenders so far are players in the United States, accounting for 37% of total revenueGermany is next at 9%, followed by France (6%), Canada (5%), South Korea (5%), and Japan (4%).

iOS users are contributing the lion’s share at nearly 68% of revenues, versus 32% from the Android crowd.

As of now, Squad Busters boasts an impressive revenue per download (RpD) of $0.41, indicating a healthy monetization strategy.

How Are Squad Busters’ Downloads Trending?

On the downloads front, AppMagic’s data shows 23.6 million installs across iOS and Android through June 6.

However, Supercell claimed a higher figure of 30 million total downloads earlier this week.

The top countries for downloads are the U.S. at 17%, Mexico (11%), Brazil (8%), Spain (7%), and Indonesia (5%).

Over 71% of installs have come from the Google Play Store.

After a large 3.1 million download spike on launch day (May 29), new installs have declined to around 500,000 per day.

With Squad Busters being Supercell’s first global launch in over 5 years, all eyes are on whether this team shooter can break the drought.

The initial numbers are positive, but only time will tell if it can maintain an active audience.

Sources: AppMagic data, Supercell, Game World Observer

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