Sony Pouring Quarter Billion into Bend Studio’s Next AAA Title: Budget to Match Spider-Man 2?

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Days Gone developer Bend Studio has been shrouded in mystery regarding their next project.

Earlier this year, when an X user asked about game development, the studio simply replied with “We are cooking,” without further information.

However, in a recent series of tweets, former Days Gone director Jeff Ross has disclosed some interesting details about the game.

According to him, Sony has invested “over a quarter of a billion dollars“(which is over $250 million) into the Oregon-based studio’s upcoming title.

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If true, this budget would rival Sony’s biggest game productions, like Spider-Man 2’s reported $270 million budget according to leaked data.

But what exactly is Bend Studio cooking up?

Is a Days Gone Sequel Off the Table?

Many fans were disappointed when Sony shot down Bend Studio’s pitch for a Days Gone sequel, despite its commercial success and even with a more modest $150 million budget proposal.

According to Ross, PlayStation CEO Hermen Hulst’s apparent “bias” against Days Gone was likely due to Sony’s existing portfolio, which already includes the post-apocalyptic zombie shooter – The Last of Us franchise from Naughty Dog.

With a well-established zombie-themed IP in their lineup, the need for a lesser-performing title in the same genre was arguably diminished.

Hence Ross speculated that the $250 million project is unlikely to be a Days Gone sequel, given Hulst’s apparent resistance to the IP.

Moreover, he expressed disappointment, noting that while Days Gone may not have sold as well as Ghost of Tsushima, it still outperformed Death Stranding, which is already receiving a sequel.

Is Bend Studio Developing a Live Service Game?

While Bend Studio has remained tight-lipped about its new IP, a recent job listing (March 2024) sheds some light on the project’s direction.

The listing sought a candidate with experience “redefining studios from traditional ‘boxed product‘ focused game development into live service development studios in a key leadership role.

The job ads also mentioned “hands-on game development experience in leadership roles shipping AAA live service games,” strongly hinting that Bend Studio is pivoting towards a live service model for its upcoming title.

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(Image: Job Listing by Bend Studios)

Could It Be an Uncharted Prequel?

In an interesting twist, Ross revealed that after the Days Gone sequel was rejected, Bend Studio proposed the idea of an Uncharted prequel featuring a young Victor Sullivan and his companion Nathan Drake in a stylized world set in 1976.

While this concept didn’t materialize, it showcases the studio’s willingness to explore established Sony franchises.

What’s Next for Bend Studio?

With a potential $250 million budget and a shift towards live service games, Bend Studio’s next project could be a massive undertaking.

Previously in a Blog post, the developer has promised that its upcoming game will be its “best game yet,” building on the open-world systems of Days Gone while introducing multiplayer elements.

While details remain scarce, Bend Studio’s commitment to creating an open-world multiplayer experience suggests a departure from the linear, story-driven games Sony is known for.

Only time will tell whether Bend Studio’s ambitious project meets fans’ expectations, but one thing is clear: with a substantial investment, Sony is placing a significant bet on Bend Studio’s vision.

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