Popular Streamer Amouranth Joins Esports Team Wildcard Gaming as Co-Owner

Amouranth Joins Esports Team Wildcard Gaming as Co-Owner

Kaitlyn Siragusa, better known by her online persona ‘Amouranth‘, has just made a bold move into the esports arena.

In a surprising move, she has acquired a significant ownership stake in Wildcard Gaming, a North American esports organization.

Amouranth is a household name in the streaming world, boasting an impressive following of over 14 million across various platforms like Kick, Twitch, OnlyFans, and X.

Known for her controversial content and frequent run-ins with platform guidelines particularly with Twitch, Amouranth’s venture into esports ownership marks a new chapter in her career.

What Does This Mean for Wildcard Gaming?

Wildcard Gaming, based in Houston, Texas (Siragusa’s hometown), is set to undergo significant changes with Amouranth’s involvement.

The organization, which recently underwent a rebranding, competes in popular titles like Dota 2 and Rainbow Six: Siege.

With Amouranth’s investment, they have ambitious plans for expansion including:

  • Build a performance center in Houston
  • Establish a dedicated office space
  • Amplify its reach through Amouranth’s extensive social media presence
  • Explore entry into new esports titles

Amouranth’s involvement isn’t just financial. She’s set to participate in upcoming Rainbow Six watch parties for the Rainbow Six Pro League, further integrating herself into the esports scene.

Is This a Trend Among Content Creators?

Amouranth’s move into esports ownership isn’t unprecedented. In fact, it’s part of a growing trend among content creators. Notable examples include:

  • MoistCrit1kal and Ludwig with Moist Esports
  • DisguisedToast with Disguised Esports
  • FaZe Banks, who recently acquired 25.5% of FaZe Media

In her own words, Amouranth stated,

“I’ve always had my eye on esports. I have admired what other creators like DisguisedToast and MoistCrit1kal have done with their own organisations. In my conversations with organisations and research, Wildcard felt like the best opportunity to help shape a growing organisation.”

Nevertheless, her entrepreneurial ventures, which include investments in gas stations, bear business, and AI Virtual Girlfriend, highlight her business sense and ability to navigate different industries.

How Will This Impact the Esports Landscape?

Amouranth’s entry into esports ownership could have far-reaching implications:

  • Increased visibility for Wildcard Gaming
  • Potential influx of new fans from Amouranth’s massive following
  • Possible shifts in sponsorship and partnership opportunities
  • Inspiration for other content creators to invest in esports

While financial details were not disclosed or how much stake she owns, her involvement is expected to help grow and scale the organization.

The esports community will be watching closely to see how this partnership unfolds.

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