Honor of Kings Goes Global: A $15M Esports Investment with 4 New IPs


China’s most popular game Honor of Kings boasts over 100 million daily active players.

Now, as developer Tencent plans a worldwide launch in 2024, they’ve pledged a $15 million starting budget for building global esports.

What competitions can we expect?

Honor of Kings Esports Already Massive in China

Even available only to China, Honor of Kings dominates the mobile esports landscape.

The 2023 King Pro League (KPL) season had a prize pool exceeding $2.5 million.

Meanwhile, the King of Glory International Championship (KIC) offered a staggering $10 million.

Clearly, Tencent understands the importance of esports engagement for keeping players invested long-term.

As Honor of Kings expands its reach in 2024, a significant esports commitment aims to replicate this successful model abroad.

What Is Planned for the 2024 Honor of Kings Esports Season?

Four major global tournaments are already confirmed, featuring a mix of regional and international combatants:

Honor of Kings Invitational Series (March 2024)

The inaugural event unfolds in Istanbul, Turkiye, pitting various regions against each other early in Honor of Kings’ global lifespan.

It offers an exciting first glance at the metagame developing worldwide.

Honor of Kings Mid-Season Invitational (Summer 2024)

A $3 million prize pool fuels this Battle of Regions in Soudi hosted the first Esports World Cup 2024.

Honor of Kings Championship Invitational (December 2024)

Capping off 2024, this year-end showpiece lets us gauge how far global Honor of Kings esports has progressed since March.

Will Chinese powerhouses still dominate?

Plus: Ongoing “Local Tournaments”

Supplementing these one-off competitions, Tencent promises substantial grassroots support too.

Regular regional and national tournaments help motivate players working towards the game’s upper echelons.

With a $15 million budget committed to boosting global engagement, expect these four confirmed events to just scratch the surface of Honor of Kings’ plans.

Can Honor of Kings Dethrone MLBB?

Currently, the undisputed king of mobile MOBAs is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), enjoying immense popularity across Southeast Asia, America, and the Middle East.

MLBB publishers MOONTON have invested heavily in burgeoning scenes prior to Honor of Kings’ international entry.

This first-mover advantage gives them an edge attracting players wanting to transition into competing professionally.

However, Tencent has proven pedigree in this regard from PUBG Mobile’s expansion.

Combined with Honor of Kings’ Chinese pedigree, never underestimate a titan entering the arena later than their rivals!

2024 promises a mobile MOBA clash for the ages.

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