Amouranth Banned From Twitch Again – Is This the End of an Era?


Kaitlyn Siragusa, better known as Amouranth, has once again found herself banned from Twitch just one day after the platform instituted new community guidelines.

This marks Amouranth’s 9th suspension in her checkered history on Twitch and 2nd this year.

With over 6 million followers, Amouranth ranks among Twitch’s most popular creators.

However, her provocative IRL and ASMR content has repeatedly landed her in hot water.

On March 29th, Twitch unveiled updated community guidelines prohibiting any content that “focuses on intimate body parts for a prolonged period of time.”

The very next day during a March 30th broadcast, Amouranth was once again suspended.

Why Was Amouranth Banned From Twitch Again?

While Twitch is typically tight-lipped about individual user bans, this time they attached a notice to her banned channel citing “a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service” as the reason.

Amouranth’s IRL and ASMR streams often feature her in revealing outfits like bikinis, and lingerie, and about her “meta” hot tub don’t ask!

She appeared with her dog in a bikini in her last stream.

Since this sexually suggestive content is her niche, the new policy effectively bans her core material from Twitch.

For context, Amouranth was initially recruited by Twitch in 2015 as part of a push to diversify content on the platform.

However, her overtly suggestive broadcasts have been a constant source of controversy.

As the Twitch platform has a vast gaming community mostly minors, cautious users always demand to penalize/ban the self-sexualization content from the platform.

The latest study published in Humanities and Social Sciences Communications even highlighted how “pornification” and rampant self-sexualization have become common among female Twitch streamers. Read More about the report.

Is This Amouranth’s Last Twitch Ban?

Amouranth always had a very rocky relationship with Twitch due to repeatedly pushing boundaries with intimate content.

However, her previous bans have only been temporary, with the longest a mere 3-day suspension.

But this time it looks like she left the platform for good.

Before the ban, Amouranth herself hinted at leaving Twitch due to the restrictive new guidelines, tweeting it was the “end of an era.”

While Twitch partnered with Amouranth back in 2015 to “diversify content”, it seems the tides have turned.

What’s Next for Amouranth?

Aside from Twitch and Onlyfans Amouranth is proving her business acumen extends far beyond just racy streaming and modeling.

In late November 2023, she made a $17 million investment in a massive 2,213-acre orchard in Florida, stating it should “bear fruit” for her in the years to come.

However, Amouranth isn’t just hoarding real estate.

She’s also leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to forge new digital revenue streams.

In January 2024, she debuted an innovative “virtual relationship” experience powered by, hosted on the Fansly platform.

This AI-driven service allows fans to subscribe for unlimited text conversations, photo/video exchanges, and custom roleplay scenarios all with an AI clone modeled after Amouranth herself.

The offering was an immediate smash hit, raking in $34,000 within 24 hours of launch and over $1 million in just its first week.

Just last week she also announced a new venture with business collaboration with popular Youtuber KSI to create an energy drink.

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