Nintendo Strikes Again: Issuing Numerous DMCA Takedowns Against GameBanana Mods

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Nintendo has once again flexed its legal muscle by issuing multiple DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown notices against mods hosted on the popular game modding community site, GameBanana.

On June 6, several GameBanana members reported via social media that, over a few days, multiple DMCA takedown notices were issued which nearly drained their accounts.

Which Mods Were Targeted?

The targeted mods cover a wide range of popular Nintendo games, including a randomizer for the highly anticipated “Tears of the Kingdom” from the Zelda franchise, as well as custom maps like Lon Lon Ranch and Skyview Temple.

Additionally, mods for the beloved “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” have also fallen victim to Nintendo’s legal offensive.

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What’s the Modders’ Reaction?

In response to the takedowns, many modders have expressed interest in issuing a counter notice, citing doubts about the authenticity of the takedowns.

If the takedowns are indeed genuine, Nintendo would have 14 days to respond accordingly.

Meanwhile, some modders have decided to upload their banned mods to an alternative file-hosting service, MEGA.


Nintendo’s History of DMCA Crackdowns

This isn’t the first time Nintendo has taken a hardline stance against mods and fan-made content.

Throughout the Switch’s lifetime, the company has persistently enforced its DMCA takedowns, issuing numerous notices against fan-created games in 2021.

Recently, they have targeted projects such as the Yuzu Switch emulators, and its forks known as Suyu and Sudachi on Discord and GitHub.

As a result, Discord has closed the discussion servers associated with these projects, and GitHub has taken down a few projects related to decrypting Switch software.

Source: Nintendo Life

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