Krafton Announced First BGMI Awards 2024: Vote for Your Favorite Gaming Influencers and Content Creators

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KRAFTON, the developer of India’s popular battle royale game BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI), has announced the inaugural BGMI Awards 2024 to celebrate the country’s leading content creators and esports athletes.

This first edition of the award will feature 30 esports influencers such as Mortal, Lolzzz, Dynamo, Payal, Kaashvi, Jonathan, Scout, and Goblin, shortlisted across three distinct categories:

  • Jod Creators – To honor the dynamic duos in content creation
  • Fashion Ke Deewane – To honor the Fashion icons in the esports scene
  • Esports Game Changers – Biggest of all awards – To honor the competitive gaming legends 

How Can You Get Involved and Vote?

The BGMI Awards 2024 isn’t just a spectacle; it’s a month-long interactive event that invites players to participate and celebrate their favorite influencers. Here’s how you can get involved:

1. Complete Designated Missions: Throughout the event, players can complete designated missions within the game to earn tokens.

2. Vote for Your Favorite Influencers: Using the tokens earned, players can vote for their favorite influencers across the three categories. The voting timelines are:

  • Jod Creator Voting: June 8 – June 18
  • Esports Game Changers Voting: June 21 – July 2
  • Fashion Ke Deewane Voting: July 4 – July 14

3. Win Rewards: Players who vote for their favorite KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) from the Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam communities have a chance to win exciting rewards.

Nominations for BGMI Awards:

Nominees for BGMI Awards JOD Content Category:

  1. MortaL – Winner
  2. Shreeman Legend
  3. Lolzz Gaming
  4. JokerkiHaveli
  5. Classified YT
  6. BandhookBaaz
  7. Regaltos
  8. Krutika
  9. Eagle Gaming
  10. Tyson Noob

You can vote for them in an in-game event between June 8th – June 18th. (Ended)

bgmi jod creator award winner

Nominees for BGMI Awards Esports Game Changers Category:

  1. Jonathan – Winner
  2. Soul Sid
  3. Scout
  4. Goblin
  5. Omega
  6. Spower
  7. Neyoo
  8. Zgod
  9. Mavi
  10. Bza Pachuau

You can vote for them in an in-game event between June 21 – July 2. (Ended)

BGMI Awards Esports Game Changers

Nominees for the Fashion Ke Deewane will be announced soon.

How Can You Vote for Your Favorite Esports Personality?

The voting process for “The Esports Game Changers” award is both engaging and interactive, encouraging players to participate actively in the game. Here’s a detailed guide on how to earn vote tokens and cast your vote:

How to Earn Vote Tokens?

To vote for your favorite nominee, you need to collect vote tokens, which are obtainable by completing specific missions within the game. Here’s how you can find and complete these missions:

  1. Access the Missions:
    • Open BGMI and click on the “Play and Win” button on the right side of your screen.
    • You will see three icons; click on the flame icon to access the ongoing BGMI events.
    • Scroll down to locate three specific events designed for earning vote tokens.
  2. Event Missions:
    • [The Esports Game Changers] Land and Explore: Earn 300 vote tokens by landing on the specified locations across different maps.
    • [The Esports Game Changers] Daily Vikendi Expedition: Earn 120 vote tokens by playing two matches in the Vikendi Map.
    • [The Esports Game Changers] Conquer the Arena Grounds Daily: Earn 180 vote tokens by playing three matches in Arena mode.

How to Redeem Vote Tokens?

Once you’ve collected enough vote tokens, you can redeem them to cast your votes:

  1. Navigate to “The Esports Game Changers: Voting and Exchange Centre” in the events section.
  2. Redeem your vote tokens, where 30 vote tokens equate to one vote.
  3. You can vote for multiple nominees, with a maximum of 10 votes per personality.

The voting period will conclude on July 2, 2024. Shortly after, BGMI officials will announce the winner.

What Rewards Will Influencers Get?

The top influencers in each category will be rewarded with:

  1. Pink Grade Outfit: Top names in each category will be given a T-shirt customized with their names and signature styles.
  2. UC Bonanza: A total of 480K UC will be divided among the 30 participants and the two hosts of the BGMI Awards 2024.
  3. Prestigious BGMI Awards Trophy

Don’t Miss Out on the Excitement

The BGMI Awards 2024 kicked off with an exclusive offline pre-show in Goa from June 3rd to 6th, but the real action is now happening within the game.

This is your chance to be a part of gaming history and celebrate the influencers who have shaped the BGMI experience.

Log in to BGMI, complete missions, earn tokens, and vote for your favorite content creators. Let’s come together to celebrate gaming excellence and make this event unforgettable!

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