legal battle between Nintendo and Modded Hardware. The scene should feature a courtroom setting

Nintendo Takes Legal Action Against Two Switch Modders: Modded Hardware and Archbox

Nintendo has just filed two major lawsuits in a Washington federal court, targeting individuals who they claim are facilitating Nintendo Switch piracy: A lawsuit against Modded Hardware and its owner, Ryan Daly, for allegedly providing hardware, firmware, and pirated games. A lawsuit against James Williams, known online as Archbox, for his alleged involvement in operating “pirate shops” and moderating online…

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Nintendo Shutdown Switch Emulators Discord Discussion Servers and Github Piracy Tools

Nintendo has recently issued DMCA takedown requests targeting two prominent forks (modified versions) of the popular Yuzu Switch emulator: Suyu and Sudachi. As a result, Discord has shut down the discussion servers associated with these projects, while GitHub has removed a couple of projects related to the decryption of Switch software. How does this relate…

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spiderman 2 pc port

An Unofficial PC Port of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Surfaces – But Beware!

PC gaming enthusiasts recently spotted an intriguing unofficial PC port of the hit PlayStation exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 making the rounds online. This illicit port, distributed via torrent sites, promises to bring Spidey’s latest web-slinging adventure to PCs ahead of the official port expected later this year. However, while tempting, downloading this leaked version is…

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