Netflix’s VP of Games Mike Verdu Leaving Role, What’s Next for Netflix Gaming?

mike verdu netflix gaming vp

Netflix has revealed that Mike Verdu, the Vice President of Games, will be departing from his present position to embark on a new project within the company.

Although Verdu has not disclosed the details of his future position, he mentioned in an interview with that he will be heading a team focused on “the cutting edge of game innovation.

Who is Mike Verdu?

Mike Verdu is a seasoned veteran in the gaming industry, having previously worked at prominent companies like Electronic Arts, Oculus, Zynga, and Kabam.

Netflix hired him in September 2021, signaling their intentions to enter the gaming space.

Under Verdu’s leadership, Netflix has built an impressive gaming portfolio, accumulating almost 100 games including GTA Trilogy for the first time for mobile users.

Additionally, the company has acquired four development studios – Night School Studio, Boss Fight Entertainment, Next Games, and Spry Fox Studio – and established two of its own studios in California and  Helsinki.

What’s next for Netflix Gaming?

While Verdu’s departure may raise questions about Netflix’s gaming ambitions, his new role is closely involved with Netflix’s gaming ventures.

Verdu’s new role appears to be more focused on gaming technologies and innovation, which plays to his strengths, rather than on game development and acquisition. As Verdu said,

“New technologies have always been key to creativity in games development and, as an entrepreneur at heart, this initiative is right in my happy place.”

This suggests that Netflix still remains committed to its gaming endeavors and plans to continue expanding its offerings in this space as it recently announced 14 new games with more Netflix Stories.

Netflix’s foray into gaming has been met with mixed reactions from industry experts and gamers alike.

While some applaud the company’s efforts to diversify its content offerings, others question whether Netflix can truly compete with established gaming giants like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

Only time will tell if Netflix can carve out a significant presence in the highly competitive gaming market.

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