What’s New Coming in Counter-Strike 2? Dataminer Hints Key Chains, Pets, and More


Counter-Strike 2, the sequel of Valve’s iconic first-person shooter got mixed reception when it first launched in September 2023.

But, Valve is not resting on its laurels, continuously adding quality-of-life updates and exciting new content to please its vast user base.

According to popular Counter-Strike 2 content creator Gabe Follower, data mining has revealed a treasure trove of potential additions to the game. These leaked features include:

  • A new operation with rewards and missions
  • Keychains for weapons
  • Customizable clothes
  • Pets
  • An exclusive case containing new skins

Let’s delve into what these exciting updates could mean for players.

New Key Chains in Counter-Strike 2?

One of the most intriguing discoveries from Gabe Follower’s datamine is the potential addition of 6 decorative key chains to attach to players’ weapons, including:

  • AK47
  • banana
  • bloodhound
  • grenade
  • plasmaball
  • sugarskull

These key chains are not just static decorations; they are designed to move and shake independently of the weapon they are attached to, adding a dynamic flair to your arsenal.

Are Pets Coming to Counter-Strike 2?

The datamine also hints at the possible introduction of pets in Counter-Strike 2.

A series of new animations for chickens suggests that players will be able to interact with them by picking them up, patting them, and squeezing them.

While chickens may serve as a placeholder, these animations could pave the way for more diverse pets in the future.

Integrating pets into the game could be fun, though it raises questions about whether they should accompany players throughout the map or stay in one place like chicken to prevent revealing locations.

Will There Be New Operator Customizations?

Operator cosmetics are a staple of Counter-Strike 2, allowing players to personalize their in-game characters. A

According to the datamine, new hairstyles and heads for operators could soon be available, offering even more customization options.

This development would enable players to create more distinctive looks for their characters, further enhancing the game’s immersive experience.

What New Maps Can Players Expect?

In addition to cosmetic updates, the datamine suggests that several new maps might be on the horizon.

These maps include:

  1. Thera
  2. Memento
  3. Assembly
  4. Pool Day
  5. Mills

Each map brings a unique setting:

  • Thera: Greek village
  • Memento: Italian coastal village
  • Assembly: Aircraft hangar
  • Pool Day: Gym pool
  • Mills: Dutch countryside with windmills

These diverse environments will provide fresh challenges and visual experiences for players.

What Other Features Are in the Pipeline?

  • New Comic Font: Likely addition for future Counter-Strike 2 comics.
  • Speech and Mouth Animations: New procedural animations discovered, possibly for other games.

How Reliable Are These Leaks?

Although leaks should be approached with caution, Gabe Follower’s proven track record and comprehensive data mining results add weight to these claims.

The content creator points out that developers seem not to be concealing this information, as some map details have been apparent on Steam Workshop pages since November 2023.

While waiting for Valve’s official statement, players of Counter-Strike 2 may anticipate substantial updates soon.

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