Skyesports Revealed THE FINALS Esports Revolution Showdown with Top Indian Creators and LAN in Chennai

THE FINALS Skyesports

Skyesports, a leading esports organizer in India, has announced an exciting new tournament: “THE FINALS Esports Revolution Showdown.”

This high-stakes esports event is set to bring together India’s top gamers in a thrilling LAN competition in Chennai, India featuring the recently launched first-person shooter, THE FINALS.

Most matches will be best-of-one, with the Grand Finals ramping up the excitement as a best-of-three series.


The Finals is a free-to-play first-person shooter developed by Embark Studios, set in a fictional VR combat game show.

Players compete in team-based matches on destructible maps, choosing from LightMedium, and Heavy character builds with unique abilities and equipment.

The game features various modes including:

  1. Cashout, where teams steal and protect vaults of money
  2. Bank It, focused on collecting and banking coins
  3. Power Shift, a moving king-of-the-hill style contest
  4. Terminal Attack, similar to CS2

The Finals encourages dynamic gameplay through its highly modifiable environment, allowing players to destroy and partially construct elements of the arena.

Released on December 7, 2023, for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S, The Finals supports cross-platform play.

The game has received mostly positive reviews, praised for its innovative destructible environments and emergent gameplay.

However, it has faced some criticism for using AI-generated voices instead of traditional voice actors.

The developers promised to continue to update the game with new modes, events, and features, including ranked tournaments and limited-time events with unique gameplay twists and cosmetic rewards.

What Game Mode Will Be Featured?

THE FINALS Esports Revolution 2024 will be based on the newly-introduced Terminal Attack mode.

It is a tactical 5v5 game mode similar to CS2 and Valorant, introduced as a limited-time event on May 2, 2024, but later made permanent due to its popularity.

In this mode, players are divided into Attackers and Defenders, alternating roles after three rounds.

Attackers must breach the Defenders’ fortifications and insert a Decryption Key into one of two Terminals within a time limit, while Defenders aim to prevent this.

The mode features no respawns or self-healing, with damage to the arena persisting throughout the match.

Medium-class contestants cannot use their Healing Beam or Defibrillator, emphasizing careful strategy and coordination.

Equipment doesn’t regenerate but is renewed each round.

The best team out of seven rounds wins, making Terminal Attack reminiscent of tactical shooters like Valorant and Counter-Strike.

As of June 13, 2024, with the launch of Season 3, Terminal Attack replaced Cashout Tournament as the main ranked mode in The Finals.

When and Where?

Mark your calendars for Sunday, July 7, 2024. Chennai, India will host this intense showdown, featuring four teams of five players each.

The country’s elite gaming creators and esports athletes will battle it out in a double-elimination bracket for a share of the impressive $5,000 prize pool.

Who Are the Star Players to Watch?

the finals showdown teams

The tournament will showcase some of India’s most renowned gaming personalities. Four teams will be led by:

  • Scout
  • Mortal – Winner
  • Sentinel
  • Binks

Other prominent creators joining the fray include Fa2, Sikh Warrior, and Miss Senorita, among others. This star-studded lineup promises intense competition and thrilling gameplay.

Updated on July 9th: Team Mortal wins the event defeating Team Scout by 2-0. Team Mortal included Mortal, P1ngu, Redparasite, Senorita, and Pashu, who demonstrated outstanding skill and teamwork to clinch the title.

How Can Fans Watch the Action?

Esports enthusiasts can catch all the excitement live on two official channels:

What Does Skyesports’ CEO Say About the Event?

Shiva Nandy, the Founder and CEO of Skyesports, expressed his excitement about hosting THE FINALS Esports Revolution.

He highlighted the competitive nature of the new Terminal Attack mode and the growing interest from prominent esports organizations in India.

Nandy emphasized that this tournament is just the beginning, with more exciting events and content planned for the future.

“We are thrilled to host THE FINALS Esports Revolution. With its new Terminal Attack mode ushering in a much more competitive aspect to the game, we aim to showcase this to Indian gamers with our first esports tournament for the FPS title. This is just the beginning as we will be bringing more exciting tournaments and content around the game. We already are seeing considerable interest from prominent esports organizations in India to take part in THE FINALS.”

For more information about Skyesports and their upcoming events, visit their official website at

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