Which Were the Most Popular Esports Events of Q2 2024?

Most Popular Esports Events of Q2 2024 Valorant

Esports Charts just shared some exciting news about the most-watched gaming events from April to June 2024. Let’s take a look at which tournaments were the biggest hits in Q2 of 2024!

Top 10 Events by Hours Watched in Q2 2024

  1. Mid-Season Invitational 2024 – 78,484,168 hours watched
  2. MPL Indonesia Season 13 – 68,911,044 hours watched
  3. VCT 2024: Americas League – Stage 1 – 27,590,617 hours watched
  4. LCK Spring 2024 – 26,053,397 hours watched
  5. VCT 2024: Masters Shanghai – 24,642,688 hours watched
  6. LCK Summer 2024 – 24,434,021 hours watched
  7. ESL Pro League Season 19 – 23,755,619 hours watched
  8. VCT 2024: Pacific League – Stage 1 – 22,135,282 hours watched
  9. Arena of Valor Premier League 2024 – 20,009,239 hours watched
  10. VCT 2024: EMEA League – Stage 1 – 16,284,103 hours watched

Let’s dive into the rankings and analyze the results

League of Legends: Still the King of Esports

The Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2024 proved that LoL is still the undisputed champion of esports.

With a jaw-dropping 78.4 million hours watched, it crushed previous records for both peak concurrent viewership and overall watch time.

league of legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – The Powerhouse in Southeast Asia

Believe it or not, a mobile game came in second place! The MPL Indonesia Season 13 (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang) racked up nearly 69 million hours watched.

This game is super popular in Southeast Asia, and its numbers keep growing.


Valorant vs. Counter-Strike: A New King of Shooters?

Valorant had a great showing this quarter. Four Valorant events made the top 10, including three regional leagues (Americas, Pacific, EMEA) and one big international tournament (Masters Shanghai).

The Americas League was the most-watched Valorant event, even beating out the international event Masters Shanghai.

  1. VCT 2024: Americas League – Stage 1
  2. VCT 2024: Masters Shanghai
  3. VCT 2024: Pacific League – Stage 1
  4. VCT 2024: EMEA League – Stage 1

Counter-Strike is still popular, but it only had one event in the top 10. The ESL Pro League Season 19 got about 24 million hours watched.


Two Korean League of Legends Tournaments Top the Chart

Two Korean League of Legends tournaments (LCK Spring and Summer) both made the list. Each one had over 24 million hours watched.

Which Event Ranked Top in Q1 2024 by Hours Watched:

For fun, let’s look at the top events from January to March 2024:

  1. LCK Spring 2024 (League of Legends): 72.1M Hours Watched
  2. PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 (Counter-Strike 2): 58.3M Hours Watched
  3. MPL Indonesia Season 13 (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang): 41.4M Hours Watched
  4. VCT 2024: Masters Madrid (Valorant): 34.9M Hours Watched
  5. LEC Winter 2024 (League of Legends): 30.7M Hours Watched

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