Team Falcons Soar to Victory in the Esports World Cup Warzone Tournament

Team Falcons Soar to Victory in the Esports World Cup Warzone Tournament

Saudi Arabia’s home team, the “Falcons,” emerged victorious in the first-ever Esports World Cup’s Call of Duty: Warzone tournament.

The competition featured a $1 million prize pool with 21 teams competing on Rebirth Island.

Team Falcons, consisting of BiffleShifty, and Soka, dominated from the start.

They established a commanding lead in the group stage (Day 3) with 255.2 points. The team maintained their momentum throughout the finals, outplaying opponents like Team Vitality and Fnatic.

In the grand finale (Day 4), Team Falcons accumulated 227.9 points, narrowly beating Fnatic’s 217.9 points.

Their victory earned them $200,000, 1,000 points in the Esports World Cup club rankings, and the Riyadh Totem.

Fnatic secured second place, followed by Twisted Minds in third.

Here’s a breakdown of the top teams and their winnings:

  • Team Falcons – $200,000 and 1,000 points
  • Fnatic – $150,000 and 600 points
  • Twisted Minds – $100,000 and 350 points
  • Guild Esports – $80,000 and 200 points
  • Natus Vincere – $60,000 and 110 points
  • SvGe Esports – $50,000 and 70 points
  • New Icons – $45,000 and 40 points
  • Singapore Syndicate – $40,000 and 20 points

Shifty was crowned MVP, earning an additional $50,000.

The finale took place at the SEF Arena in Riyadh, featuring eight intense matches on Rebirth Island in Resurgence mode.

This victory adds to Team Falcons’ previous success, as Shifty and Biffle had won the World Series of Warzone 2023.

According to Esports Charts, the Warzone tournament drove over 135,000 peak viewership, making it the second most-watched Warzone event of the year. Fans tuned in for an average of 76,180 viewers across 19.5 action-packed hours.

The Esports World Cup for COD continues with the upcoming MW3 Cup (15-18 August), promising more exciting competition.

At the League of Legends event, South Korean powerhouse T1 emerged victorious securing a hefty $400,000 along with 1000 points for the club.

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