Cindy Moon's Silk and peter parker's spiderman

Alleged Spider-Man 3 Leaks Surface: Could Cindy Moon’s Silk Be Playable ?

Just months after releasing the acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, rumors are swirling that Insomniac Games has already begun early development on a third Spider-Man game. The rumors stem from alleged leaked images that appear to show Cindy Moon’s Silk swinging through Central Park. But how credible are these Spider-Man 3 leaks? Let’s take a closer look. Who Leaked…

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macos games prince of persia, assassin creed shadows, palworld, resident evil 7

What Games Are Coming to MacOS in 2024? Massive Gaming Announcements from Apple at WWDC 2024

For years, Mac has lagged behind Windows when it comes to gaming capability and developer support. However, the recent blockbuster announcements at WWDC 2024 signal Apple may finally be prioritizing gaming on its desktop platform. At the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2024, Apple unveiled an exciting slate of games coming to macOS. Some of these games are ports…

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ubisoft forward 2024 prince of persia assassin creed shadows

Ubisoft Forward 2024: All Major Games Trailers, DLC and Updates Announced

Following Sony’s State of Play, Summer Game Fest, and Xbox’s Games Showcase, Ubisoft joined the fray with its own event, Ubisoft Forward 2024. Here, Ubisoft revealed their upcoming projects, showcased gameplay footage, and delighted fans with an array of surprises. Here is everything revealed at Ubisoft Forward 2024: Star Wars Outlaws Gameplay One of the most highly anticipated…

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2XKO: Riot Games’ Upcoming Tag-Team Fighting Game – Everything You Need to Know

After a week of excitement, Riot Games’ Project L has been officially named 2XKO on Feb 22. 2XKO is an upcoming 2D tag-team fighting game from Riot Games, which is part of the League of Legends universe. Unlike traditional one-on-one fighters (like Street Fighters), 2XKO introduces a unique team-based gameplay mechanic (similar to Marvel vs Capcom)…

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