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Sagar Mankar

Xbox Game Pass July 2024 Lineup

July 3

Journey to the Savage Planet

Kicking off the month is the colorful and humorous sci-fi adventure, Journey to the Savage Planet. 

July 3

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2

Fans of platform fighting games and Nickelodeon characters are in for a treat with this sequel. 

July 9

Cricket 24

Sports fans, especially cricket fans, have reason to celebrate with the addition of "Cricket 24" to the Game Pass lineup. 

July 9

The Case of the Golden Idol

Mystery lovers and puzzle enthusiasts should keep an eye out for this innovative detective game. 

July 11

Neon White

Get ready for lightning-fast action with Neon White, a game that blends first-person shooting, platforming, and puzzle-solving

July 11


Prepare for a tropical adventure inspired by New Caledonia in this charming open-world game

July 16

Magical Delicacy

For fans of visual novels and dating sims, Magical Delicacy offers a whimsical blend of fantasy, romance, and culinary arts. 

July 16th


Arriving on day one, Flock, a cooperative multiplayer game that promises a unique and relaxing experience. 

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Xbox Game Pass July 2024 Lineup