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Top 10 Games From Nintendo Direct June 2024

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The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom

In a departure from tradition, the next major entry in the acclaimed "The Legend of Zelda" series will put Princess Zelda front and center as the playable protagonist.   It's set to launch on September 26

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Mario and Luigi: Brothership

The lavish 3D upgrade for this nautical adventure, along with new versions of the classic tag-team attacks between the plumber brothers.  It's set to launch on November 7th.

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Luigi’s Mansion 2 remake

This HD remake of the 2013 3DS game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon will launch on June 27, 2024 at $59.99. 

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Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection Arcade Classics

Capcom has announced Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics, a compilation of seven classic Marvel and Capcom crossover arcade games, coming to Nintendo Switch in 2024 .

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Super Mario Party Jamboree

Set to launch on October 17, 2024, for the Nintendo Switch, this game boasts an impressive array of features, including over 110 new minigames and support for up to 20 players in online multiplayer

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Romancing Saga 2: Revenge of the Seven

Square Enix has announced Romancing SaGa 2: Revenge of the Seven, a complete 3D remake of the 1993 classic RPG, set to release on October 24, 2024, for Nintendo Switch.

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Donkey Kong Country Returns

Nintendo has announced that Donkey Kong Country Returns is getting an HD remaster for the Nintendo Switch, set to release on January 16, 2025.  

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Lego Horizon Adventures

LEGO Horizon Adventures, a collaborative project between LEGO and Guerrilla Games, is set to launch during the 2024 holiday season. 

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Farmagia, a monster-farming and action game, is set to launch worldwide on November 1 for Switch. 

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Funko Fusion

Funko Fusion, an action-adventure puzzler featuring a wide array of pop culture icons, is set to release on Nintendo Switch on September 13, 2024.

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The New Denpa Men

Genius Sonority and Nintendo have announced The New Denpa Men, the fifth entry in the Denpa Men AR RPG series, set to launch worldwide on July 22, 2024, for the Nintendo Switch.  

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